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Quality Management System Certification
Our professional solutions

We work across a range of industries to provide and apply professional safety consulting services. These industries include:

Our staff have completed a range of work health & safety system audits across the sector including call centres and data centres. We understand the nuances of the sector and the complexities in working across diverse workplaces.

ZCSS provides a range of services to construction and infrastructure services companies to assess and manage risks from operations. Our past assignments have included:

  • Audit of construction safety management systems;
  • Development of safe work methods / safe work method statement;
  • Assessment of atmospheric contaminants in constructions and infrastructure works.
  • Development of safety management plans;
  • Assisting companies to rectify improvements;
  • Implementing project safety controls.

ZCSS works with various government departments to initiate improvements in safety management systems, auditing processes and strategic safety reviews. Our past client extend to State and Federal across a broad range of services including call centres and customer service centres.

ZCSS’s consultant’s have demonstrated experience across the manufacturing sector from fabrication workshops to factories. We have completed a range of assignments in identification of risks from plant in factories, training of factory staff in risk assessment methods, development of manufacturing work health & safety programs and systems.

We have proven experience in strategic safety management in the mining sector. We have worked with major mining houses to conduct:

  • Risk assessments;
  • Investigations;
  • Monitoring & measurement;
  • Strategic review of safety.

Work safety in the retail industry can be challenging. With a number of casual staff together with complex distribution centres and networks we currently work with one of Australia’s largest lifestyle retailers to build compliance and ensure work health & safety system integrity.

Find out more about our capabilities in work health & safety consulting. ZCSS Health & Safety Consultants provide safety consulting services in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.
When it comes to work safe in Transport,Warehouse and Logistics. We work with small and large organisations to define and analyse risks and implement effective measures to control risks. We currently work with several large international organisations to provide oversight and guidance in development of work health and safety systems.

Specialized areas of focus on warehouse safety solutions:

  • Managing Racking Safety in Warehouses
  • Safety Barriers in Warehouses
  • Traffic management in Warehouses
  • Work health & safety in the retail wholesale trade
  • Forklift safety spotlight
  • 6 Most Common Warehouse Hazards and How to Prevent Them
  • Most common warehouse injuries
  • Runaway vehicle reminder

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